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Shaping the Future of Esthetics: ITS Academy’s New NCEA Accreditation for Estheticians

NCEA certified

At ITS Academy, we have always been dedicated to providing top-notch education and training in esthetics, all with the aim of advancing our students’ careers. We’re incredibly proud to announce that our estheticians courses are now NCEA certified. This prestigious accreditation from the National Coalition of Estheticians Association is a testament to our dedication and commitment to high educational standards.

Our collaboration with NCEA brings numerous advantages for our students. Given that NCEA Certified credential represents the highest voluntary credential in the United States, our students can now boast of an education that exceeds the average entry-level licensure. The certification, with its 1200-hour competency level requirement, sets our students apart and enhances their credibility in the professional world.

Moreover, the NCEA certification offers our students greater flexibility in their career. With the potential for endorsement or reciprocity, they can now take their license to states with higher licensing hours, opening up a broader range of career opportunities. The certification also offers an affordable pathway to acquiring an Advanced or Master Esthetician License.

The ongoing education aspect of the NCEA certification aligns perfectly with ITS Academy’s ethos of lifelong learning. The National Continuing Education Accreditation (COA) supports our students’ continuous growth by providing additional educational activities and learning opportunities. By staying up-to-date with the latest developments and technologies in the field, our students are poised to offer the best possible services and outcomes to their clients.

We at ITS Academy are thrilled about our partnership with NCEA. By integrating their nationally recognized certification into our program, we are not just helping our students advance their careers; we’re also contributing to the overall elevation of standards in the esthetician profession. We believe that our students, armed with the NCEA Certified credential, will be leading the way in enhancing the industry and delivering exceptional service to their clients.

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